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This is a way to determine what size storage space you need. The first thing is to determine what you have to store. Inside units are located inside the buildings and accessible by hallways. Hallways are 40" wide and doors to units are 36" wide. Outside accessible units have overhead garage doors that ae 8' wide X 7'4" high. All units are approximately 10' in height. Based on what you have to store, the following sizes are estimates for you to follow:

5 feet X 5 feet

20 - 30 boxes (oversized closet)

5 feet X 10 feet One room + 20-30 boxes
5 feet X 15 feet Two rooms + 30-40 boxes
10 feet X 10 feet Three rooms + 40 boxes (or apartment)
10 feet X 15 feet One bedroom home
10 feet X 20 feet Two bedroom home (single car garage)
10 feet X 25 feet Three bedroom home
10 feet X 30 feet Four bedroom home

We'll help you locate the storage you are looking for.
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